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Oral history

Thanks to e-Mediateka project many recordings will be available. Were chosen  interviews with people connected with Bialystok (among others: artists, athletes, enthusiasts, “ordinary” citizens of Bialystok, Esperantists) which show a diverse range of topics. They are located within broad framework of possible time, refer to  history of Bialystok and Podlasie, taking into account topics involving stories of people from Bialystok or Podlasie, but sometimes beyond the geographical area (e.g. bieżeństwo, deportations, Warsaw uprising, emigration). Moreover Mediateka CLZ as the only one in Poland multimedia library contains wide documentation Esperanto movement, and this part of the collection will be also presented in e-Mediateka. Users will have an opportunity to get to know with whole interviews or fragments, connected with chosen topics.


Oral history

Andrzejuk Konrad

Konrad Michal Andrzejuk, born the 4th of April in 1991, in Bialystok, student of Law Department of Bialystok University, he is a sport manager in Polish Association of Sound’s Balls Games. Membership in organizations: Polish Association of Sound’s Balls Games – organization dedicated to sport of disabled people (member since 2011), member of management Bialystok Esperanto Association, secretary of Zamenhof’s Foundation. Private and family life: bachelor. Interests: sport, history, linguistics, international political relations.