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Oral history

Memories and experience are some of the most valuable gifts that the older generation can give to the younger. In the LZC Media Library we collect valuable accounts of witnesses of history, we compile and share them.

The interviews are recorded using the narrative-biographical method, which involves recording the free expression of a witness about their entire life. This type of narrative takes into account the subjective perspective of such issues as: local culture, ethnicity, tradition and customs, religion, or identity. Stories recorded in this way are unique, different for each person. Thanks to this, they allow to get to know the individual view of people who saw the interwar period, World War II and the beginnings of the Polish People’s Republic with their own eyes.

We are constantly looking for witnesses of history – people who have spent the last 60, 70 and more years in Białystok and would like to tell us the story of their lives, describe important events as they remember them. If you are such a person or know someone who would like to tell their story, please contact the BCC/LZC.


Parzyszek Jarosław

Jarosław Marek Parzyszek, born the 21st of April in 1963 in Przasnysz, he graduated University of Mikolaj Kopernik in Torun (1989); Diploma in Business Administration – South Bank University (London 1992); Pedagogical Study – Bialystok Technical University (1996), he worked as senior office worker in Department of Culture and Art in Voivodship Office in Bialystok (1989 – 1990); administrative manager in Army Museum in Bialystok (1990 – 1991); assistant on Bialystok Technical University (1991 – 2000); chairman KTBS private Limited company in Bialystok (1998 – 2007); manager personnel affairs in KAN private Limited company (2008 – 2009), since 2009 manager in Investment Department of Bialystok Water Supplies. Membership in organizations: Polish Scouting Association (1970 – 1981), Student’s Scientific Circle of Esperantists ZSP in Torun (1981 – 1989), Nationwide Committee Student’s Circles of Esperanto RN ZSP (1983 – 1990), Polish Esperanto Youths and Polish Esperanto Association (1984 – 1991), World Association of Esperantists – UEA (1984 – 1999, and again since 2013), World Organization Esperanto Youth – TEJO (1984 – 1993), World League of Esperanto Teachers – ILEI (1989 – 1992), Bialystok Association of Esperantists (1990 – 2009), Union of Polish Students (1982 – 1989), Bialystok Scientific Association (1990 – 1993), Podlasie Association of Real Estate Managers (2002 – 2008). Married since 1993, has two children. Interests (beyond Esperanto): history, economy, belles – lettres, philosophy and religion, development of civilization, choral singing, music, cycling, nature of Borderland, commenting on absurdities of everyday life.

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