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Oral history

Thanks to e-Mediateka project many recordings will be available. Were chosen  interviews with people connected with Bialystok (among others: artists, athletes, enthusiasts, “ordinary” citizens of Bialystok, Esperantists) which show a diverse range of topics. They are located within broad framework of possible time, refer to  history of Bialystok and Podlasie, taking into account topics involving stories of people from Bialystok or Podlasie, but sometimes beyond the geographical area (e.g. bieżeństwo, deportations, Warsaw uprising, emigration). Moreover Mediateka CLZ as the only one in Poland multimedia library contains wide documentation Esperanto movement, and this part of the collection will be also presented in e-Mediateka. Users will have an opportunity to get to know with whole interviews or fragments, connected with chosen topics.


Oral history

Wróblewski Piotr

Piotr Wróblewski, born December 10th, 1935 in Stacja Brzostowica (currently in Belarus), the child of Olga (nee Kowalczuk) and Marian Wróblewski. In 1945 along with his parents and siblings he came to Poland. At first they settled in Bobrowniki. He attended the Primary School in Bobrowniki (a Belarussian school), and later in Wieroba near Zubki Białostockie. In 1948 the family moved to Białystok. He attended the 2nd Common School at Grunwaldzka Street and continued his education in the Male High School at Warszawska Street (currently King Sigismund August 6th High School). In 1955 he enrols in the Teacher Study at Złota Street. From 1957 he taught Polish at the 2nd Primary School, later at the 7th Primary School, where he organised a school library. At the same time he taught Polish at a High School for the Emplyed (currently the building of the 3rd High School). In 1961 he was emplyed as an organiser of a teacher`s library in the newly established Teacher Study at Świerkowa Street. The same year he received his M.A. at the Higher Teacher School in Kraków. He graduated from a Librarianship and Information Study in Poznań. He passed a state exam for a certified librarian. In 1977 he received a Ph.D. in Polish lingusitics from the University of Warsaw. In 1981 he became a university teacher at the University of Warsaw branch in Białystok, he was appointed to the position of the acting Director of the Institute of Polish. In 1982 he attended a course organised by a Vocational Improvement Works in Białystok, where he received an apprentice in carpentry certificate. He finished a Study for Teachers teaching Polish as a foreign language at the University of Warsaw. In 1987 he went with his wife to Moscow to teach at the M. Lomonosov University, at the Faculty of Slavic languages, where they both taught Polish until 1990. In 2000 he became an extraordinary Professor at the University in Białystok (habilitation at the Univeristy of Warsaw). For around 6 years he taught Polish in Hrodno, his students were students of Primary and Kindergarten Education. He retired in 2008. From 2010 he has been teaching at the Higher School of Finance and Management in Białystok.