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Mediateka CLZ
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Oral history

Memories and experience are some of the most valuable gifts that the older generation can give to the younger. In the LZC Media Library we collect valuable accounts of witnesses of history, we compile and share them.

The interviews are recorded using the narrative-biographical method, which involves recording the free expression of a witness about their entire life. This type of narrative takes into account the subjective perspective of such issues as: local culture, ethnicity, tradition and customs, religion, or identity. Stories recorded in this way are unique, different for each person. Thanks to this, they allow to get to know the individual view of people who saw the interwar period, World War II and the beginnings of the Polish People’s Republic with their own eyes.

We are constantly looking for witnesses of history – people who have spent the last 60, 70 and more years in Białystok and would like to tell us the story of their lives, describe important events as they remember them. If you are such a person or know someone who would like to tell their story, please contact the BCC/LZC.


The Bialystok esperantist

The Bialystok esperantists is a project realized as a part of Mediateka CLZ, started in 2012. The aim of the project is to get closer activity and show figures of Bialystok esperantist who are members of Association of Bialystok Esperantists and other esperantists organizations. Thanks to the recordings we get to know about benefits of “being the esperantist”, motives which led esperantist to learn Esperanto, their exotic travels and friendships, made thanks to the knowledge of Esperanto. In the interviews we will also find reflections about 94th World Congress of Esperanto which took place in 2009 in Bialystok and about contemporary condition of Esperanto. The interviews will be attractive for everybody who ever learn any foreign language. Presented material may be helpful in reflection and doing research on phenomenon of Esperanto and Esperanto movement in Bialystok. The recordings are illustrated by photos from domestic archives of esperantists.
  • Andrzejuk Konrad

  • Barszczewska Grażyna

  • Barszczewska Krystyna

  • Dobrowolski Stanisław

  • Filipowicz-Choroszucha Joanna

  • Fiszer-Dolińska Walentyna

  • Karczewska Elżbieta

  • Mocarska Anna

  • Parzyszek Jarosław

  • Pietuchowska Nina

  • Wierzbowski Przemysław

  • Zejdler Andrzej