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Oral history

Memories and experience are some of the most valuable gifts that the older generation can give to the younger. In the LZC Media Library we collect valuable accounts of witnesses of history, we compile and share them.

The interviews are recorded using the narrative-biographical method, which involves recording the free expression of a witness about their entire life. This type of narrative takes into account the subjective perspective of such issues as: local culture, ethnicity, tradition and customs, religion, or identity. Stories recorded in this way are unique, different for each person. Thanks to this, they allow to get to know the individual view of people who saw the interwar period, World War II and the beginnings of the Polish People’s Republic with their own eyes.

We are constantly looking for witnesses of history – people who have spent the last 60, 70 and more years in Białystok and would like to tell us the story of their lives, describe important events as they remember them. If you are such a person or know someone who would like to tell their story, please contact the BCC/LZC.


The oldest inhabitants of Białystok

The people of Białystok speak: a multimedia archive of spoken history of the city and region. This is the first edition of our Media Gallery, a project the Ludwik Zamenhof Centre has been working on since 2011. Its aim is to create the first professional archive of spoken history in the city, that will comprise the accounts of the so called "witnesses of history". The first edition of the project includes some of the oldest inhabitants of Białystok. People who live here from their birth, or had strong ties with the city for most of their lives. We managed to convince "the interrogated" to reveal personal memories, accounts of their childhood and youth in the city, to express their opinions on important subjects and ground-breaking events in the history of the country, which reverberated in our city
  • Damulewicz Piotr

  • Dawdo Danuta

  • Ejsymont Donata

  • Grądzki Leszek

  • Kalinowska Anna

  • Kobeszko Longin

  • Koszewski Jerzy

  • Kula Eugenia

  • Liskowacka–Zinkow Ligia Halina

  • Ostaszewska Helena

  • Roszkiewicz Danuta Kazimiera

  • Szumski Mirosław Jerzy

  • Tomzik Jerzy

  • Wasilewski Bernard

  • Wołczaska Alicja

  • Wróblewski Piotr

  • Zawadzka Krystyna

  • Bilewicz Wilhelm

  • Krassowski Kazimierz Marian

  • Mozolewski Janusz

  • Polecki Adolf

  • Wakuliński Stanisław

  • Wroczyński Mirosław

  • Jagodzik Jan

  • Siemieńczuk Zinaida

  • Lisiak Andrzej