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Oral history

Thanks to e-Mediateka project many recordings will be available. Were chosen  interviews with people connected with Bialystok (among others: artists, athletes, enthusiasts, “ordinary” citizens of Bialystok, Esperantists) which show a diverse range of topics. They are located within broad framework of possible time, refer to  history of Bialystok and Podlasie, taking into account topics involving stories of people from Bialystok or Podlasie, but sometimes beyond the geographical area (e.g. bieżeństwo, deportations, Warsaw uprising, emigration). Moreover Mediateka CLZ as the only one in Poland multimedia library contains wide documentation Esperanto movement, and this part of the collection will be also presented in e-Mediateka. Users will have an opportunity to get to know with whole interviews or fragments, connected with chosen topics.


Oral history


The interviews with workers of Factory of Tooling and Chucks/Bison – Bial is another project realized as a part of Mediateka CLZ. Factory of Tooling and Chucks is an enterprise which over sixty years of its activity inscribed in the landscape and heritage of our city. At the time of the largest development factory employed almost 3000 workers, and its branches were opened in cities such Bielsk Podlaski and Kolno. It is the place where many citizens of Bialystok tied their professional lives. With great certainty we can say that almost every citizen of our city possesses or possessed somebody from family or friends who was employed in this factory popularly known as Uchwyty. Our aim is to preserve memory about people and this place. Former and current employees remember history of the factory, tell us about people who were important for its activity and development. They recollect how they careers connected with Uchwyty progressed: say how they came to the factory, what were the conditions of their job, what was the atmosphere in the crew. They recall different moments from factory life – difficult moments connected with strikes from years 1980 and 1981, but also common trips on mushrooms or fish, and to the Okoniówek near Rajgrodzkie Lake, where was the resort belonged to Uchwyty. Most of the interviewees remember Factory of Tooling and Chucks with great sentiment, and sometimes with tears in their eyes.
  • Borecki Władysław

  • Boublej Janina

  • Czajkowski Konrad

  • Dojnikowski Jerzy

  • Gawałkiewicz Lech Jerzy

  • Gołąbiewski Zbigniew

  • Iwanowicz Jerzy

  • Kalinowska Eugenia

  • Łukjaniuk Miron Mirosław

  • Koc Stanisław

  • Marczuk Stanisław Marian

  • Półtorzycka Halina

  • Praga Jan Zygmunt

  • Rożkiewicz Eugeniusz

  • Rufiński Tadeusz

  • Seliga Konstanty

  • Sołowiej Teodor

  • Sterkowiec Jan

  • Szeszko Ryszard

  • Wieremiejczuk Maria

  • Zacharczuk Jerzy