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Mediateka CLZ
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Welcome in e-Mediateka CLZ.

Since 2010 Bialystok Cultural Center has implemented the biggest venture from oral history in our region, entitled Mediateka CLZ. During this time we have collected over 13000 digital copies of photos and documents, we have recorded interviews with 169 people, we created a studio to digitize and Multimedia Lab, where people can use substantial part of the collection for free. Thanks to e-Mediateka CLZ project funded from “Digital Culture” project of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, a significant part of existing Mediateka CLZ collection, will be elaborated in details (according to the standards set by the centers as KARTA Center or National Library) and available for visitors.

  • Oral history

    Thanks to e-Mediateka project many recordings will be available. Were chosen interviews with people connected with Bialystok (among others: artists, athletes, enthusiasts, “ordinary” citizens of Bialystok, Esperantists) which show a diverse range of topics.

  • Photos and documents

    In the new version of Mediateka CLZ users will obtain access to firs big part of digitized photos and documents from private collections of Bialystok’s citizens. Many of them have never been published before.

  • Games and apps

    The aim of e-Mediateka CLZ is to encourage different groups of recipients to get to know its resources. One of the ways will be games, targeted to a younger audience: puzzles and memory.

  • Contact

    If you are a person, who could enrich our archives or you know  somebody who could do this, contact with us. Please contact us also if you are interested in substantial content of Mediateka CLZ collection.